The Academy


It all started when…

Rose and Rachel began co-supervising in 2017. Both busy growing their own respective ABA companies (ABA Speech, LLC and Accessing Abilities, LLC), they were also working full-time and raising families of little ones. They shared concerns related to potential supervisees contacting them to obtain supplemental supervision due to receiving inadequate training from their local or on-site supervisor.

As a result, the two began engaging in verbal behavior discussions on what the gold standard of supervised experience should entail.

The duo soon realized how beneficial multiple supervisors were for the supervisee. They also shared a passion for the field ABA. Both Rose and Rachel valued each other’s strengths, extensive experiences, and the drive to continue creating a more enhanced supervision experience to meet the needs of the growing field and its future.

Together, they knew it was time to formally join forces. Rose and Rachel built Supervision Academy to give supervisees the BEST and thorough training program to prepare professionals for their future in ABA.

SUPERVISION ACADEMY strives to provide each supervisee with an individualized and comprehensive learning curriculum. This is achieved by a team approach and systematic instruction. By implementing ABA methodologies, positive supports and engaging teaching, supervisees will be competent in their application of the science of human behavior. We use a behavioral skills training approach. It’s fun and effective. Our data supports that the supervisee can demonstrate competencies on the certification exam. More importantly, they will be prepared for their next professional role in Applied Behavior Analysis.